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These are made from two layers of soft cotton flannel or one layer of a woven print and one of flannel, with one or two layers of polyester batting in between. My standard size is a generous 18 x 30, but I can custom-make them any size you wish. The pads with one layer of batting fold easily into a small bundle to fit in your diaper bag. The 2-layer batting ones will fold up nicely too, but are a bit bulkier.

These pads are completely washable. They don't have a layer of waterproofed material, so moisture will soak through. These are to provide a large clean, soft surface for changing. I can make a waterproof changing pad if you would prefer that. Add $2 for this option.

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Michael Miller print "Lil' Cowpokes" changing pad. 18"x30". Print on one side, super soft unbleached flannel on the back. Lightly padded with one layer of polyester batting. - $10.65 - 1 instock!

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