by Boyd Murrah

This web site contains educational materials concerning Christian Theology from a Reformed Perspective.  These materials are presented with a view toward stimulating theological discussion so that there may be continuing progress in Reformation. 

The opinions presented here are my own, or are clearly identified as to source.  They are not doctrinal pronouncements of my church.

This web site is operated in coordination with my blog:  This site will continuously evolve.  You may see and read papers here that are still under construction.

Topics for which I expect to post material (in due course):

Gathered Worship

The "Real Presence" of Christ in Gathered Worship

Bible Verses Speaking of God's "Visits"

Bible Verses Speaking of God's "Presence"

Union with Christ:  The Implications for Gathered Worship

Union with Christ:  The Implications for Sacraments

A brief illustration of the "Means of Grace"

The Covenant of Works, Trinitarianism and Incarnation, and the nature of Postmillennialism

The Nearness of God

Union with Christ



Predestination and Election

The Gospel Offer

Particular Redemption

Notes and mp3's from a class on Calvin's Institutes

A 2002 class on Justification by Faith
    Most classes are by me. Three classes labeled "jvd" are by Jim Van Dam.